France Suspends

Titanium Dioxide

A study for the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), published on 20 January 2017, suggests that using titanium dioxide in food is susceptible to generate possible human carcinogen.

Studies allowing the setting of an acceptable daily intake of the additive were not finalized in due time by professionals. As a consequence, France´s health and safety agency (ANSES) has ruled that there is not enough evidence to guarantee the safety of titanium dioxide.

Therefore, France will ban the use of the additive from January 1st 2020. Titanium dioxide (TiO₂ or E171 as it is known in Europe), is a coloring with no nutritional value. To give a white, opaque or cloudy effect it is mainly used in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food, confectionery, toothpaste, and cosmetics.


Titanium dioxide remains authorized in other member states of the EU. But the issue might be discussed at EU level within the next few months. The European Commission should discuss whether the suspension of TiO₂ complies with EU Food Legislation and decide whether it should be extended at EU level or not. Sensient Pharmaceutical has been following this global shift away from titanium dioxide very closely over the years and innovating for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers interested in cleaner ingredient alternatives. With this, we have developed Spectrablend™ TFN–Titanium Free Natural, Spectrablend™ CC and Avalanche™ for brands that want to remove TiO₂ from their label.


  • This premium, cost-effective coating system provides natural opacity in a mineral-free coating system. By offering bright, vivid colors in tablet applications through opacifying agents, a simple label can be achieved with comparable cost in use 
to the traditional titanium dioxide coating.
  • Benefits
  • Mineral-free
  • Good flowability
  • Heat and light stable
  • Vegan and all natural
  • Wide color spectrum available


  • Spectrablend CC solution eliminates the challenges of cleaning TiO₂ from 
the crevices of equipment, while delivering the aesthetic and film coating 
uniformity desired.
  • Benefits
  • Titanium dioxide-free opaque coat
  • Stable, natural color coating
  • Smooth, gloss coating
  • Low dust
  • Customizable to meet your brand colors


  • Avalanche is designed to best match the performance of titanium dioxide while addressing clean ingredient needs. This customized, application-specific solution 
is compliant across most regions in the world.
  • Benefits
  • Brilliant white shades
  • Starch-based and 
mineral-based options
  • Clean labelling: E-number free options
  • Microfine quality versions available for improved mouthfeel and overall taste profile

Let Sensient know how we can help you removed TiO₂ from your brands.