The Growing Market Need for Titanium Dioxide Free Alternatives


White is a critical color to the aesthetics of so many dietary supplement and pharmaceutical product applications, from two-piece hard capsules via soft gel capsules, to gummy vitamins and hard lozenges. The demand of a variety of options for product renovation or new product development couldn´t be larger as present. It was once the most widely used natural color across the landscape, especially with the strong color performance of TiO2 at very low usage rates. However, scrutiny and pushback from consumer advocacy groups and regulatory bodies across the globe continues to create uncertainty and controversy over the acceptance of titanium dioxide, so much that the once star color has seen a significant decline in usage over the past decade.


The official enactment of France’s Ban on titanium dioxide beginning January 1, 2020, heightened the global conversation in the pharmaceutical industry and spurred manufacturers worldwide to seek out TiO2-free alternatives. While French dietary supplement producers already claim on packaging that their product does not include any titanium dioxide for a while now, we expect to see other countries to follow the same approach. Even though, the European Commission does not plan to expand this ban to other European countries, German brands also started to target the mindful consumer while promoting product formulations that are developed without titanium dioxide.

Sensient has been following this global shift away from titanium dioxide very closely over the years and innovating solutions for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers interested in cleaner ingredient alternatives. In order to address this market need, Sensient developed it’s global Avalanche™, Spectrablend™ TFN as well as Spectrablend™ CC portfolio.


Avalanche™ is the industry’s leading portfolio of titanium dioxide alternatives. Designed to best match the performance of TiO2 while addressing clean ingredient trends, the portfolio consists of whitening and opacifying solutions for a wide breadth of applications, and we are constantly innovating to improve the performance and cost-in-use for developers.

  • Benefits
  • Brilliant white shades
  • Mineral and starch based
  • Microfine™ quality versions available for improved mouthfeel and overall taste profile
  • Reduced foaming compared to standard calcium carbonate products in acidic applications
  • Labelling option as color: calcium carbonate
  • Suitable for kosher and halal
  • Provides opacity for translucent colors across the rainbow color pallet

The Avalanche™ portfolio is developed for both whitening and opacity, just like the performance of titanium dioxide.



We at Sensient brought the development of this premium, cost-effective coating system that provides natural opacity in a mineral-free coating system to the next level. Besides offering bright, vivid colors in tablet applications through opacifying agents, this unique product is now available in pastel shades and WHITE at its purest. For brands that want to remove TiO2 from their product formula, a simple label can be achieved with comparable cost in use to the traditional titanium dioxide coating.

  • Benefits
  • Vibrant natural colors, pastel shades or WHITE at its purest
  • Clean ingredients: Free of minerals including calcium carbonate and TiO2
  • Naturalness: Based on natural sources such as rice, sunflower, vegetable oil
  • Stick to the trend: Vegan and all natural
  • Versatility: Applicable to a wide range of tablets, acidic and basic
  • Productivity: Delivers high aesthetic value for unpleasantly looking cores at moderate weight gain
  • More about this product: Good flowability, heat and light stable

SPECTRABLEND™ CC is an additional coating solution that eliminates the challenges of cleaning TiO2 from the crevices of equipment, while delivering the aesthetic and film coating uniformity desired.

  • Benefits
  • Titanium dioxide-free opaque coating
  • Stable, natural color coating
  • Smooth, gloss coating
  • Low dust
  • Customizable to meet your brand colors


Don’t be discouraged by negative experiences with other alternatives! Our Avalanche™ and Spectrablend™ product ranges aren´t like other titanium replacers, and we’ve seen success in formulas and processing that proved incompatible with other whitening solutions.

Our Avalanche™ and Spectrablend™ product portfolio is enabling us to create optimized solutions for various applications and processing conditions. If one product solution didn’t work for your application, another product option of our new range might!

Our team of technical experts can give personalized guidance on successful implementation of our Avalanche™ and Spectrablend™ technologies to ensure minimum impact on your process and guide you through the formulation, testing, and scale-up process.

Sensient’s TiO2-free product portfolio is ever-evolving. We are continuously making improvements on cost and functionality, so even if you’ve tried it before, reach out again to see our latest solutions!

Let us know how we can help you to remove titanium dioxide from your brands.