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Dating back to the early 2000’s, fish oil has always been one of the most popular dietary supplements due to omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA and their exhaustive list of health benefits.

Global Fish Market: $2.2 Billion

Consumers are fueling a $2.2 billion fish oil market globally on the backs of the health promises this super vitamin can deliver. Couple this with what leading market intelligence agency Mintel has coined the HEALTH YOURSELF trend, overall consumers want to lead healthier lifestyles while improving their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Omega-3 rich fish oil is an ideal nutraceutical solution that meets consumers’ self-care needs and wants.

Importance of Fish Oil and Omega-3

1. Cardiovascular function

2. Nervous system function and brain development

3. Immune health

Despite all the accolades for the health benefits of fish oil, consumers have complained that most omega-3 dietary supplements have some kind of burp back, where one gets the “fishy burps” after consuming these daily vitamins. Sensient has developed Protect™ Enteric Coating systems to prevent these “fishy burps” that everyone tries to avoid.

Protect™ EN Low Alcohol Enteric Coating

  • Applications
  • Tablets
  • Two-Piece Capsules
  • Soft Gels
  • Powders
  • Multiple Unit Pellet System
  • Advantages
  • Reduces flammability rating to combustible
  • May decrease cost of storage
  • Decreased volatiles
  • Safer for handling by operators
  • Optimized for most nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications
  • Preservative free, all natural and label friendly enteric formulation