Dustmaster® colorant is fast-dissolving, porous, agglomerated and low-dust.


It minimizes the mess, extra work and increased costs associated with airborne dust. Through a proprietary method of manufacturing and drying, all of the fine particles that cause dust are effectively removed. Eliminating dust means you lower your costs by reducing processing time and cleanup expenses. It also eliminates cross contamination and operator safety/handling.


The Dustmaster solution will not cling to your weighing and transfer equipment or stick to surfaces in high humidity. Dustmaster colorant flows evenly when tipped forward and stops when tipped back. You have more control with fewer mistakes, improved productivity and lower costs.


After floating on the surface, Dustmaster wets and dissolves quickly, without the need for excessive agitation or long dissolution times. Sensient offers a complete dye range of color in dust-free formulations: Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6.