Our Spectrashield™ EN-K product is a methylacrylic/ethyl acrylate enteric coating system that is environmentally friendly in an aqueous system:

  • Consists of few ingredients
  • Has no neutralization reconstitution
  • Is applied with either an organic or aqueous-based solvent system.
  • Is applied at lower weight gains
  • One-step processing
    • Water medium – some foam in an all aqueous system
    • Solvent medium – i.e., ethanol, isopropanol
  • Can be applied to tablets, capsules, spheres and multi-particulates
  • Easy suspension preparation ~ 10 to 12% Solution Solids
  • Coats acidic, basic or moisture-sensitive cores
  • Conventional pan coating
  • No curing necessary
  • Batch-to-batch coating and enteric performance consistency
  • Globally acceptable components comprised of:
    • Silica, plasticizer and lubricants
    • Spectrashield EN-K Clear 88018
    • Optional colorant
  • Excellent film rheology including high elasticity
  • Cost effective with lower weight gains and less application ≥ 3% over typical enteric coating systems, which have weight gains of ≥7%