Spectracoat™ dispersions deliver colored sugar-based coating system advantages with higher solids and smooth surfaces. If adequate mixing is not achieved in your manufacturing process to completely disperse the pigments, specks and streaks will appear in the end product. The use of Spectracoat™ eliminates this problem and reduces the added expense of using more colorant to make up for the loss in strength through poor dispersion. By reducing mixing time, Spectracoat™ also reduces labor costs and allows higher output from the same production equipment.

Spectracoat™ eliminates the need for expensive air filtering devices often required to prevent cross-contamination in your plant. To be effective, pigments must be of fine particle size, resulting in a dusty, dry state and can infiltrate other plant areas and in-process goods. Spectracoat™ prevents this, providing a dust-free environment for employees and its dispersions are also easy to measure, reducing costly errors.