The Sensient® Protect™ product line offers customers specific advantages in both product stability and performance.


It has proven to outperform other enteric coatings by maintaining its enteric properties over time.

  • Protect is proven to maintain enteric properties over time, as determined through accelerated stability testing studies
  • Testing shows enteric coating which employs the Protect EN solution and sodium alginate passed disintegration testing (USP37- NF32) after six months of being subjected to the following climatic conditions: 25 degrees Celsius and 60% Relative Humidity (H2), and at 40 degrees Celsius at 75% Relative Humidity (H4)
  • All stability results (RT, H2, and H4) on a variety of coated substrates conform to current USP / EP / CP compendia method criteria
  • Aids in the physical stability of solid tablet cores, softgels and two-piece hard capsules
  • One-year shelf life for formulations