protect enteric

(Protect™ EN + Protect Clear SA)

The Protect product is a patented high-efficiency enteric coating system, commercialized globally for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Sensient’s® Protect Enteric formulation is a two-part system comprised of Protect EN (liquid) and Protect Clear SA (powder) with the possibility to add vivid color and flavor ingredients without compromising the integrity of the coating.


Sensient’s formulation of aqueous shellac and sodium alginate is:

  • Versatile
    • High/low moisture
    • Coats onto a variety of softgel types: hard, soft, high and low water content and varying seam depths
    • Bovine/Porcine/Fish/Vegetable-based gelatin
    • High/low bed temperatures
  • Efficient, high-throughput manufacturing
    • Ambient mixing for ease in preparation
    • Rapid spray rate
    • No gun clogs
    • Enteric protection achieved with low weight gain
    • Minimal cleanup for reduced down time
  • High First Pass First Quality (HFPFQ) results
  • Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and widely used and trusted in the industry
  • Protect EN ingredients are compendial to USP/NF, FCC, EP. Protect Clear SA ingredients are compendial to USP/NF, FCC, EP, JP
  • Passes current USP, EP and BP enteric test methods
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility with no tackiness
  • One-year shelf life with ongoing stability tests to extend shelf life to 18 months
  • Secure supply chain network, providing seamless transition
  • Best-in-class technical support, streamlining research, using Sensient as a resource
  • Offers flavor-masking, odor-masking and sealant properties