Pairing Consumer Expectations

for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Today’s consumers are more than ever concerned about the food they are eating. Looking for natural ingredients 
and food that is supporting their personal health benefits and targets, they are studying labels of the food they 
are consuming.

Ginger + Sicilian Lemon

Clean label has become the new global standard not only in food as this trend is also recognized 
as one of the top keywords when it comes to the vitamin and dietary supplement categories. Mainly driven by the younger generation of Millennials 
that seek adventurous flavor combinations, such as Spiced Rose + Fennel or Ginger + Sicilian Lemon, 
in what they eat, consumers are looking for a lasting impression when taking vitamin supplements.

Consumers are expecting vitamins that are easy to swallow with the ability to take on the go without much 
effort, and with natural ingredients that make the vitamin a bright, vibrant color. To make your products appealing to today´s consumers, Sensient has developed a highly reflective proprietary technology that pairs flavor and coating in one solution. Sensient´s SpectraGloss delivers up to 30% higher sheen than other tablet coatings. At the same time, it offers high slip and swallowability with enhanced taste and natural colors. It fits perfectly with consumers’ preference for clean labels. In addition, FlavorGloss helps to protect the flavor on dietary supplements providing a longer lasting brand experience for your customers.


  • Applications
  • Tablet
  • Two-Piece Capsule
  • Soft Gel
  • Benefits
  • Smooth mouth feel
  • High slip and swallowability
  • Color vibrancy with 30% higher sheen
  • Sugar replacement coating
  • Clean label
  • Holds flavor for longer periods of time with Flavorgloss
  • Taste making and pleasant aroma with Flavorgloss