Organic Continues to Trend in


Recent consumer data indicates that growth in organic nutraceuticals continues to be very strong, with demographic trends hinting at a likely acceleration in this trend.

According to SPINS, global organic products have driven over $13.8 billion in sales and have grown 2.8% over the past 12 months. What is interesting is the explosive growth in organic vitamins and supplements at a staggering 17% year-over-year increase.


The vitamin store shelves look much different today from a few years ago driven by the consumer demand for full transparency and clean labels. To address this, there have been many advancements in nutraceutical excipients, including USDA certified colors and flavors. To deliver these unique sensory ingredients, Sensient has developed a proprietary certified organic coating system.

At Sensient, we expect organic foods, beverages, and nutraceuticals will continue to expand into new categories and have been working to expand the range of certified organic color sources, flavor profiles, extract botanicals, and coating ingredients available.

More recently, our innovation team has been working to expand the range of color and coating technologies for organics as well.




Through our R&D teams, agronomy program, and strategic acquisitions, we have tirelessly been working on reducing the cost-in-use of natural colors and flavors to make innovation easier for nutraceutical manufacturers. We have made strong headway with a number of our solutions.

Additionally, custom blends can be created to match specific flavor profiles or target shades as needed. We are excited about the opportunities the new range of colors, flavors, and botanical extracts will create for manufacturers and invite you to reach out for a consultation with one of Sensient’s nutraceutical excipient experts.