Expanding the Rainbow in

Natural Soft Gels

Closing the gap between synthetic and natural colors has been at the forefront of nutraceuticals since consumers began more intently reading food, beverage and vitamin labels. Continual scrutiny of unfriendly ingredients has driven nutraceutical companies to reduce product SKUs containing artificial materials and introduce vitamins with cleaner, simpler ingredients.

Over the past year, we have seen natural product claims increase 16% globally. The first ten months of 2018 saw 63% of vitamin launches stating a natural claim. With all this, we have a wave of consumers who demand natural products, not just in the food they are eating, but in vitamins, cosmetics and household cleaners.


With this, Sensient introduces a wide spectrum of heat stable natural colors for soft gel applications. This new product technology allows vitamin manufacturers for the first time to develop soft gel products using a wide palette of colors from red to blue* to yellow and everything in between. Until now, there were limitations for naturals in soft gel applications due to the long heat processing steps. With Sensient’s new line of all natural, heat stable colorants manufacturers can achieve the right color in soft gels to match their brand standards.*

Packaging that predominantly shows bright colors with all natural claims are garnering attention in the nutraceutical market segment. With so many choices, consumers are attracted to vitamin labels touting 
‘no artificial colors’ or ‘non-GMO.’ Sensient has been monitoring this trend and developing specific 
innovations to meet consumer demands in the vitamin category.


  • Benefits
  • Wide color spectrum available
  • Customizable to meet your brand colors
  • Clean, simple ingredient labeling
  • Vegan and all natural
  • Heat stable
  • Tested for process and shelf stability
  • Kosher, Halal, GMO-free
  • Low usage rate
  • Allergen free
  • Alternatives for Carmine and Caramel
  • Allergen free
  • *Stability tested with variable hold times at 65°