Natural Color in a Dry State with Microfine™

Sensient Pharmaceutical Coating Systems recently extended our natural color line to include Microfine™, an innovative natural color system that expands the shade range and application options for natural colors used in a dry state.

Microfine delivers color plating characteristics commonly found in synthetic FD&C lake pigments but in a natural solution. This plating process provides a new, natural alternative for companies desiring to increase the consumer appeal of their applications where color in a dry state is critical.

Microfine natural color technology is ideal for dry nutritional beverage mixes, nutritional sports bars, compound coatings, and chewable or compressed tablets. Sensient’s SPECTRABLEND™ and SPECTRABLEND™ II coating systems can also incorporate Microfine natural color solutions for a stable, clean-label-friendly tablet coating system.

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