Increase Throughput with SPECTRABLEND™ II

Proven results featured in Tablets & Capsules

  • ½ the friction = 2x the slip
  • Speed – ready for use in just 30 minutes
  • Superior coverage
  • Unique visual appeal for brand definition, product identification, and trademark protection
  • Broad regulatory acceptance worldwide

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SPECTRABLEND II is a high solids HPMC film coating system that reduces processing time and increases throughput while offering completely customizable color for your application. The SPECTRABLEND II formula delivers twice the slip of other coating systems, for a smoother surface, increased swallowability, and improved ease of packaging during processing.

SPECTRABLEND II is also a Polyethylene-Glycol-free alternative to traditional PVA coating systems, providing increased regulatory acceptance worldwide. Over time, Polyethylene Glycol can degrade not only color but also the active ingredients of your formulation. SPECTRABLEND II is a unique HMPC film coating system free of Polyethylene Glycol, allowing for longer color and shelf life. This formulation is ideal when seeking compliance with various regulatory agency Inactive Ingredient Limits (IIG) on PVA.

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