Are There Dirty Chemicals Lurking

In Your Vitamins?

As the clean label movement continues to be at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, we see many not-so-friendly ingredients sneak into foods, beverages and vitamins that are perceived to be all-natural.

In fact, three out of every four consumers think that a “natural extraction” automatically means clean label. We trust front of pack labels to tell us if the product has dirty chemicals, like hexane in extracts or arsenic in herbs. Hidden toxins are all around us, in the food we eat to the vitamins we take.

3 out of every 4 consumers

In dietary supplements, these hidden ingredients often come in the form of extracts from solvent-based methods. With limited bioactive processing methods ultra clean label, meaning non-chemical, was impossible until Sensient Natural Extraction created water extraction PhytoClean™ technology. Most extracts in foods we eat and the vitamins we take to supplement our diets are processed in large scale using some chemicals on the dirty dozen list:

These toxic solvent residues are still found in all-natural extracts we consume every day, whether it is in a protein smoothie at the local juice shop or the vitamin capsule we take for a healthy heart. Consumers should not have to settle for all these solvents in food, beverages and vitamins. It is time for that to change and Sensient is leading the way.

With Sensient’s true clean ingredient extracts, only water is used to extract the biomass meaning you have a chemical free, solvent free product.


Sensient’s PhytoClean ingredients offer you a higher standard of plant extracts for creating natural products with a clean label that appeal to health-conscious consumers.


Sensient’s patented PhytoClean method offers an environmentally friendly alternative for clean extraction and a promise of industrial solvent-free ingredients.



We are at the forefront of natural health product research and earth-friendly extraction of bioactives.


Learn more today about Sensient’s line of extracts that are free of harsh, toxic chemicals found in most commonly processed extracts.