Exotic Flavors are Going Mainstream

Blurring Between Nutraceuticals and Food

When consumers stroll down the grocery aisles of any store today they are surrounded by cereals made 
with real pomegranate seeds, all natural acai blueberry tea with a hint of lavender lemon and turmeric 
flavored coconut milk.

Nutraceutical companies are faced with the ultimate decision whether to blend the supplement category with foods, such as protein snack clusters and smoothies packed with antioxidants and whey, 
by joining the food revolution that started with brands introducing exotic flavors.

With so many online and brick and mortar options for purchasing nutraceuticals, the category will continue to grow with adventurous flavor pairing innovation.

Exotic Flavors are Going Mainstream

When Whole Foods Market revealed their top trends for 2018, it was no surprise that half of the company’s trends blurred the line between food and nutraceuticals, especially with flavors.