A Growing Portfolio of

Certified Organic Food Colors


Kroger’s Simple Truth Organic, Walmart’s Great Value Organics, Aldi’s SimplyNature Organic and Safeway’s 
O Organics are some of the largest organic food brands in North America, and each of them is also a great example of retailer brand innovation.

Once upon a time, organic products at these retailers only existed on the perimeter in the dairy and produce categories, but increasingly, they are pervading into all sections of the grocery store and are showing up more in consumers’ baskets. Last year, 75% of U.S. households purchased at least one organic product, according to 2017 IRI panel data.

In large part because of the rapid growth of organic offerings across all food aisles, requests for organic food color for nutraceuticals are also on the rise.

Exotic Flavors are Going Mainstream



Sensient only wants to offer organic color solutions that are good long-term options. All of our organic food colors are USDA certified organic, meaning our organic color offerings will not sunset and customers will not be required to reformulate away from “organic compliant” colors.


Our priority is growing our organic color palette 
to include as many shade ranges as possible to decrease cost-in-use and achieve target shades for nutraceutical, over the counter, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

This month, we are expanding our certified organic portfolio with four color options. We are excited to announce 
our newest additions including: organic black carrot, organic annatto, organic blue, and organic beet.

Sensient’s investment in USDA certified organic color solutions demonstrates our commitment to providing nutraceutical, over the counter, and pharmaceutical manufacturers with long-term, quality solutions that meet 
the most stringent organic standards, while delivering bright and unique shades. While these four new shades 
are excellent additions to our current portfolio, we are not finished yet!