The Rise of

Certified Organic Colors

Consumer interest in organic nutraceuticals around the globe has continually been increasing. Originating in 
the produce and dairy aisles, certified organic products have now extended into other categories in the center 
of the store.

Certified Organic Color

At the same time, we have seen a spiked interest for certified organic food color, most likely because organic compliant food colors listed on the NOSB’s National List will eventually sunset as more certified organic colors become commercially available.

But what exactly is the difference between Certified Organic and the “Organic Compliant” National List 
food colors?

In anticipation of not only the rise of organic products but also the future sunset of most “Organic Compliant” National List colors, Sensient has been committed to Certified Organic Color innovation, as demonstrated by the breadth of our available solutions. Sourced from the purest raw materials, our Organic Color Solutions are produced in accordance with all regulatory requirements for USDA Certification and deliver the brightest colors offered from nature.

We continue to work in this area and are excited to add more Certified Organic Colors to our portfolio 
in the coming months.