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Health and Wellness

Consumers continue to change the nutraceutical landscape by demanding clean label alternatives in the dietary supplement and vitamin products available to them today. According to Label Insight, nearly two in five American consumers would switch from the current brand they purchase to one that provided clear and accurate information 
on the label. Undesirable ingredients have been at the forefront of the public scrutiny for transparency in vitamins 
and fortified nutraceuticals.

Sensient introduces technology in bioactives 
to transform the nutraceutical industry. A green alternative extraction process available only to Sensient allows for simple labeling with NutraPur Extracts™. The collection of 100% pure plant extracts is free of trace solvents and excipients 
that consumers say they do not want. Label Insight has found that when shopping, 85% of consumers look for reference to the word ‘superfood’ on labels. And, three out of four consumers avoid specific ingredients when selecting food products.

Healh and Wellness from Nature

More than ever, consumers want innovation in vitamin applications for the health and wellness category 
that not only supply energy and antioxidants, but also provide overall health benefits. NutraPur Extracts™ 
from Sensient offer these additional suggestive benefits as a pure plant extract all while delivering something 
new to vitamin users.