Microfine™ colors are a solution with the characteristics of artificial colors, but is an aluminum-free, natural color line. This major evolution in microfine natural colorsnatural colors meets the growing consumer demand for natural, clean-label products. Microfine colors employ proprietary technology and particle size management. This major evolution in natural colors meets the growing consumer demand for natural, simple-ingredient products. Designed for customers who want to switch from certified lakes to natural colors, Microfine colors close the gap between natural color science and certified color technology with added benefits:

  • No flavor impact
  • Exclusive custom-color blends
  • Broad application options for natural colors
  • Enhanced stability features

For applications where a dry state appearance is critical, Microfine™ natural colors are an excellent alternative to liquid natural colors.


  • Expanding the range and application of natural colors
  • Exclusive custom color blends with improved color efficiency
  • Broad application options for natural colors
  • Large range of clean and bright shades
  • Wide range of applications for liquids and tablets


  • Enhanced stability features
  • Plating characteristics
  • Improved productivity potential
  • Longer shelf life
  • Reduced shipment and storage costs
  • Fewer microbial contamination possibilities
  • No flavor impact


  • Chewable and compressed tablets
  • Nutritional dry beverage mixes
  • Powder and dry blends for hard gelatine encapsulation
  • Coating